Jul. 2014

I demand an Internet built on smoke signals and smoke detectors.

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It's on? 2014-07-28 [Mon] 07:17

So I started playing this "game", and I'm not really sure if I can do well on it. And I hear it's very, very competitive.

Normally, I'm fine with competitions if I'm given a chance to outwit others (that's pretty much how I got a degree and job). But this time, it seems fairly standardized process, and people tend to count on small details, or just by luck. And yes, my favorite tactics is a surprise attack.

Anyway, I'll try to play this "game" for a while from now.

Bookmarks 2014-07-22 [Tue] 00:31

this is a bookmarklet that shows a Unicode codepoint of a currently selected character. Apparently, I tend to use this a lot.

The Ultimate Cause of "Leaky" Abstraction 2014-07-21 [Mon] 19:26

A belief that abstraction is possible at all.

Who Said Quantitative Metrics is Always Better Than Qualitative Ones? 2014-07-21 [Mon] 19:26


I mean... yeah... 2014-07-16 [Wed] 23:22


*Rinse and Repeat*

By the Way, This. 2014-07-15 [Tue] 22:51

I forgot to mention that I joined Accessibility Jam. And here's my game.

Lesson: It gathered some traction before it started. Once it began, very few people actually participated/cared it.

Kolmogorov Complexity - The Ultimate Test of Software Design 2014-07-15 [Tue] 00:02

Here's how to measure the "goodness" of a software design:

That's it. There's still uncertainty about how to tell if one is "as good" at understanding the software, but the idea here is pretty similar to that of Kolmogorov Complexity, except it uses a human as a turing machine instead. The communication between humans can be compared to a program code too.

Why GUI is slowing down 2014-07-14 [Mon] 23:55

Okay, okay, so I haven't written anything here for a month. That's pretty pathetic.

The other day, I was thinking why IDE is slowing down things for me. It's simple: you have to switch between a mouse and a keyboard. That's it. Yeah.

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