Jul. 2015

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Rebootin' 2015-07-04 [Sat] 15:31

Now I have a reason to restart a diary again. Or not.

One thing that hinders me from writing this blog...thingy is that, I can't write this while at work. But it's often the time that I came up most random things to write down, totally unrelated (or only marginally related) to work. And then, this thing called "having two jobs" thingy thingamabob.

This English diary should be equally random and ungrammatical as the Japanese one.

One?? ?

Evolution is a Lie 2015-07-04 [Sat] 15:45

2015-07-04 08:58:03  euske   There are languages that use =, ==, and === as equality.
2015-07-04 08:58:08  euske   When do we have ==== ?

Yusuke Shinyama
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