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What's with Tweens?

2013-04-23 07:28

Preparing for LD26, everyone is talking about tweens. There are a bunch of tween libraries and sites. What's all about this?


2013-04-17 21:43

I just understand: the most dangerous things are often not quick nor spectacular. They are slow and boring.

It sucks to make a headline for every single article, doesn't it.

2013-04-13 20:14

Is Mt. Gox really located at Shibuya?? Sounds like a fishy paper company. Well, in fact, every IT company in Shibuya looks fishy.

Real Pro at Trolling

2013-04-11 18:36

So, North Korea has announced that they were in a "war state"...

Then told the foreign embassies to leave the country because of the "imminent danger" last week...

And now they're holding an international festival of marathon this weekend!

Everyone is welcome! See you in Pyongyang! (^^)


  &nvsp;   (^^^^)

__ >

(Disclaimer: this thingy has nothing to do with being political, or vice versa.)


2013-04-08 19:12

Each code has multple meanings in different layers.


2013-04-07 18:02

I'm a kind of person who tend to get sick when stayed at home for too long. Sometimes I'm relieved that I can go to work the next day. It doesn't necessarily have to be work, but I need some kind of interaction.

If your program has more than three ifs, you can call it an Artificial Intelligence

2013-04-06 17:37

...unless one day you open source it.

(p.s. This layout is shitty, I know. One day I have to reorganize the stuff. By one day I mean soon. Very soon.)

Tree manipulation, or why deletion is hard and dying alone is easy

2013-04-03 18:08

The other day, I was thinking about a tree structure. Building or extending a tree is easy. The hardest part is deletion of a node. When a node has no child or only one link to a child, deletion is easy. But when a node has links to multiple nodes, you have to re-assign the children to prevent they became an orphan.

Just to illustrate the problem, this is easy:

But this is hard:

And this explains why destroying/dismissing a company or organization in real life is so problematic; because so many things are connected to it. It also explains why dying alone is easy and dying with family is hard. The life is full of connections and dependencies, although many of them might be unnecessary.


2013-04-02 22:41

Why the heck are the prices of vegetables sooo different in Nerima-ku and Nakano-ku? This is insaaain!

Reinventing HTML, Blog, Social Network and all future oinkeries

2013-04-01 18:31

The other day, I was attempting to use Tumblr and I failed. So I decided to go back to the good old handwritten HTML pages. For the most of times, I will be translating my choice writings from my old Japanese pages. But whenever a new development happens (which is, uh, almost every minute), I'll add them to this page. Recently I've noticed that most people I want to talk to either do not understand Japanese, or they are comfortable enough with English so I don't really have to write in Japanese anymore, except those age old languistic questions that keep bugging me from time to time. Anyway, I am now happy with my use of the word "oinkery" so I'll probably sleep happily tonight.

You foolishly foolish April fool?

Yusuke Shinyama
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