Apr. 2017

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Title 2017-07-03 [Mon] 00:20


最近の Google の言い訳って、 昔の Microsoft の言い訳にそっくりだな。



Lol 2017-05-19 [Fri] 19:31

笑えたのでこっそり翻訳した。みんなには言うなよ。 http://imgur.com/MpoWXbV

ZOMG Daikon 2017-04-28 [Fri] 17:19

近所のスーパーで葉つき(フル)大根が 99円で売ってた!!!!!


Cold, Hard Truth 2017-04-17 [Mon] 01:04

I'll probably sound like a douche by saying this, but I've learned that there are some (many?) programmers out there who consider themselves a "great programmer", most of which, in reality, are really just mediocre ones. Apparently there's no way to let them know this without hurting their feelings, and this can be problematic. There are many defective software that are causing harm to the society, and since there's no way to objectively measure its goodness, we tend to give them free reign.

HALP, INFORMATION OVERLOAD 2017-04-08 [Sat] 20:22

Finally, I've managed to sort out all the documents and things (50 or more so-called "orientation materials") and extracted the info I need. Frankly, this is all waste of time. Is the university deliberately trying to confuse its students? I guess there are several reasons behind this:

To me, it seems that all organizations within a school is pretty much contending over the resources called "students". Naturally, some of the battles are political too. I don't want that shit...

Which Euske is This? 2017-04-05 [Wed] 21:37

I used to think that there's no other person than me with such a name like 「新山 祐介」, but I was wrong. Looking at Facebook or LinkedIn, there are several accounts that has exactly the same or similar name (like ones pronouncing 「新山」 as "Niiyama"). Meanwhile, I'm not on any of these...

get it

Anyway, what I want to say today is that the registration system on this uni is unbelievably broken. It's just laughable.

By the way, I realized that I already started talking like a goofy student, and it's been just two days after the entrance.

Thinking of Software Engineering on April Fool's Day 2017-04-01 [Sat] 21:40

Just thought about this. It's often not easy to explain people why it's so hard to make bug-free software. Designing robust/dependable software is like making a chair that's usable in any possible dimension or any conceivable law of physics. There are just too many unknown assumptions.

Arpil Baka 2017-04-01 [Sat] 09:34


Became a student as some sort of joke.

Yusuke Shinyama
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