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JRPG and Hot Spring 2013-09-25 [Wed] 20:59

Those of you who live outside Japan probably have no idea why JRPGs like the idea of a "healing spring" so much. Almost every major JRPG has it. FF series has it, so does Dragon Quest, Earthbound, and a slew of less known games. It would totally make sense in Japan because of our ethernal love for hot springs. But as with most traditions, it's hard to explain to others.

Marcus Lindblom, the guy who're behind the Earthbound localization, put it nicely: "it's almost spiritual to them." He said he lived in Sagamihara, so there must be some experience to him for getting the hot spring part.

Just putting it down here before I forget...

Typhoon Family was Just Passed 2013-09-17 [Tue] 19:14

Hope it's getting cooler from now.

I've Long Forgotten This... 2013-09-14 [Sat] 09:10

Oh yeah, apparently it is still there.

OpenSSL is written by monkeys

I've seen this a couple of years ago and was terrified. Then yesterday I checked out the latest version of OpenSSL and saw not much has changed since then.

Why Eating is so Central to Life 2013-09-14 [Sat] 08:55

One of my favorite Moomin scenes is the following:

Some scary giant monster (The Hobgoblin) appeared at Moominhouse and people were scared and ran away. Moominmamma timidly offered him pancake and juice. After watching him eating pancakes, people feel less scared because after all, he love pancake. "You wouldn't think a guy who loves pancake is such an evil person." Jansson wrote in the story.

And this is why I think food is so central to our life. A good food binds us. It's not just food actually. Any good story/movie/music/video game can bind us, but I think food is the most important.

Oh yeah, I've forgotten this VERY important news... 2013-09-12 [Thu] 19:41


Web栄枯盛衰 (Prosperity and Decline) 2013-09-11 [Wed] 23:21

Yeah, I know this is an old news.

I knew that Slashdot is surpassed by Hacker News a long ago.

And now... is Reddit going to take everything!?


Similar Words 2013-09-10 [Tue] 18:47

sophomore and smartphone

Disparity 2013-09-10 [Tue] 18:44

As a Japanese-speaking native, I can't really tell apart crowns from clowns.

Big Mad Data 2013-09-09 [Mon] 20:18

So big companies like JR East or NTT Docomo are planning to sell some of the customers' statistics data, and some people found it creepy or morally questionable.

I wonder what people would think if they knew what Yahoo/Google is really doing.

Unlike JR or NTT, they are not giving the collected data directly to other companies. They know a far effective way to monetize them without giving it to a third party. And it's invisible to most users who're actually using those services. They don't complain because they don't know what is taken from them and given to the advertisers.

End users are exploitable if you're smart. Obedient end users are even more so.

Stupidity Kills People, but So Does Smartness 2013-09-09 [Mon] 20:17


Mysterious TODO Entry 2013-09-08 [Sun] 09:52

Here's something that I don't understand in my own TODO list:

** Sat Sep  7 12:39:25 JST 2013 **
press all the buttons.

Random Quotes 2013-09-08 [Sun] 09:41

LoTR wouldn't be written if there's Google Street View at the Gate of Mordor.
If you're curious and technical person with no moral, working at NSA would seem an immense fun.
I thought that willful ignorance was Japan's speciality.

A Couple of Interesting Links 2013-09-08 [Sun] 09:47

Nevermind that the timestamp is not right.

Engrish is a Hollible Ranguage 2013-09-08 [Sun] 09:44

Ravel and unravel.
Flammable and inflammable.
Genius and ingenius. (Okay this is a bit different.)

"I'm inDifFeReNt."

Tar is the Best Database Format 2013-09-08 [Sun] 09:28

I still think it really is. It has nice properties:

Sushi is Overrated 2013-09-08 [Sun] 09:27

Nothing to add to this.

Objective-C Sucks 2013-09-08 [Sun] 09:15

Yeah, yeah, I'm still new to the language and I'm obviously not serious... but is it only me who think it looks like unified diff outputs?


+(id) create;
-(void) foo;
-(void) bar:(int);
diff -u
@@ -1,3 +1,2 @@
-(void) foo;
-(void) bar:(int);
+(id) create;

Here's Everything that has Happened So Far 2013-09-08 [Sun] 09:07

I haven't been, like, updating this for several months, and here's what happened in the meantime.

So, I joined LD26.

And I went to the place.

Then I joined LD27.

And I went to the place.

This is it. Not much happened. Really.

Yusuke Shinyama
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