Jul. 2015

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Quote of The Day 2015-07-31 [Fri] 16:25

"The best minds of my generation are thinking about how to make people click ads. That Sucks."
-- Jeff Hammerbacher

I be Popular 2015-07-29 [Wed] 22:22

How Many Times Has Your Personal Information Been Exposed to Hackers?

One small problem: I don't have a phone.

One bigger problem: I still don't have a phone.

C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download\b5fe7a63588a01f7cb0b0232fdeed1c4\BIT9133.tmp 2015-07-28 [Tue] 20:04

I really hope this freaking download will end soon. Verrry sooon.

Ads Make Windows Free! \o/ 2015-07-26 [Sun] 21:59

So much crap.

Overrating is Overrated 2015-07-26 [Sun] 10:02

Overrating happens when there are fewer competitions.

TWOD: Padawan 2015-07-26 [Sun] 09:10

ぞんぞん関係ない話。 いまだに理解できないのは、なぜ一部の実装ではいまだに 「々」と「〆」が漢字として扱われないのかってことだ。 現在の日本語では、これはほぼ完全に漢字として扱われている。 もしかすると一部の人々にとってはそれは「正しい日本語」ではないんかもしれないが、 そもそも「正しい自然言語」なんつー概念そのものが名辞矛盾だ。

いっぽうで「美しい日本語」というフレーズはまだ理解可能である。 まーそんな言葉を使ってる人々の日本語は、たいてい美しくないけど。 よ

Filler Thoughts 2015-07-25 [Sat] 10:41

I mean, there are people who're trying to fill the gap between people, and then there are people who're trying to widen it.

Which side are you working for?

I mean,

Title 2015-07-24 [Fri] 14:48

「たまには良いことを言う」っていうけど、 実は悪いことばっか言うのは難しいんだよ。

Flatness teh World 2015-07-22 [Wed] 14:32

Case in point. As you get older, you see the general tendency. You realize the world (and people) are more even (a.k.a. boring). The race is not a major factor of person anymore, and neither is their culture. The age is not a factor either. The affiliation is not important. Real/non-real isn't important. Even the distinction of man/machine isn't important. And then, the governments are equally unreliable as people.

Society makes it hard to stay curious.

Forever Something 2015-07-22 [Wed] 14:28


Poncho Sanchez

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Not to be confused with Sancho Panza.

I was not alone! I WAS NOT ALOOOONNEE! Woohooo!

Mental Hygiene 2015-07-14 [Tue] 07:09

Every day, I've gotta dump something. Be it on the web or IRC, I need to take some mental dump, which is to write down something horribly random and/or insane.

てくるで (ところで)、 「リア充」という言葉を見ると「リアル厨房」を連想するのはオレだけだろうか。

I Just Made an Interesting Observation... 2015-07-09 [Thu] 17:40

'Nuff said.

Article of The Day 2015-07-09 [Thu] 17:39


Greek People are not Lazy 2015-07-08 [Wed] 01:24

Just found this graph.


Words that Cnofuse me 2015-07-07 [Tue] 18:50

Don't try to win arguments. A draw argument is politically better.

Rebootin' 2015-07-04 [Sat] 15:31

Now I have a reason to restart my diary again. Or not.

One thing that hinders me from writing this blog...thingy is that, I can't write this while at work. But it's often the time that I came up most random things to write down, totally unrelated (or only marginally related) to work. And then, this thing called "having two jobs" thingy thingamabob. So many things have been missed or forgotten from this diary.

This English diary should be equally random and ungrammatical as the Japanese one.

One?? ?

Evolution is a Lie 2015-07-04 [Sat] 15:45

2015-07-04 08:58:03  euske   There are languages that use =, ==, and === as equality.
2015-07-04 08:58:08  euske   When do we have ==== ?

Yusuke Shinyama
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