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Why Designing an API is Hard 2016-01-29 [Fri] 22:33

API naming is hard because of the conflicting goals:

  1. You want to make it easy to type/read.
  2. You want to make it descriptive. (conflicting with #1)
  3. You want to make it consistent and unique.
  4. You want to make it compatible with older APIs. (conflicting with #3)
  5. You want to make it unambiguous.
  6. You want to make it flexible/amenable to future changes. (conflicting with #5)
  7. ...
Etc, etc. Let's not forget that the designers live in a different time and space at each version. Generally, a project with BDFL might be able to strike an acceptable balance, but designing an API with multiple people is simply bound to fail.

Tweet or Die 2016-01-17 [Sun] 18:50

Huh, didn't know Twitter has a page like this:

Dealing with self-harm and suicide (自傷行為や自殺願望に気付いたときは)

Either way, Twitter is lame.

そつ 2016-01-16 [Sat] 01:05

オバマの演説の中で "Sputnik" の部分が聞きとれなかった。 英語では「すぱっとにっく」ていうのね。

ふんげa. 2016-01-15 [Fri] 14:57

どうやらこの点数は本当らしかった。 最初は Web がバグってんのかと思ったら、認定証(?)がきた。

じつは先月の13日に、LD34でゲームを作ってる最中に、 抜け出して近くの試験場に行ってきたのである。 しかしこの点数は非常にウソくさい。 新山はこれまで "TOEIC 950点とりました!" とかいってるヤツを 「たかが英語のペーパーテストでなに必死になってんの? アホじゃない。うぷぷぷぷ」 とか思っていたのだが、明日は我が身ということである。 ちなみに以前 TOEIC を受けたのはかれこれ 15年ぐらい前だが、 あいかわらずこんな問題なのね (それでも一応、前日に1回分の試験問題を解くだけの練習はした)。

SCM 2016-01-12 [Tue] 19:12

and now

"Big Problems", and then "big problems" 2016-01-12 [Tue] 18:09

This article made me think about these things: The Unexotic Underclass

World's Big Problems, Abridged Version

These are the "Big Problems" I can think of, and some of them are very visible even here. But what are the Unexotic Underclasses in Japan? Now, my job at work is to help the totally blind people. In the world of disabilities, I feel they are pretty much an "exotic" class. Frankly, they're being pretty well served in the current welfare system (that's not saying that their situation can't be improved, though). Meanwhile, I can imagine there are far more underserved/invisible people here. Like people with low-vision or mild hearling loss. So-called people with mild disabilities (軽度障害). These people are often ignored because the subtleties of their condition. Then there's a growing number of people who're in a relative poverty such as single parents or elderly people. Although helping the blind sometimes makes me feel proud of myself, or sorta "kicking a55" -- because their problems are kinda Big here -- helping the big problems for the underserved has started looking more attractive to me.

I don't believe in politics. A policy can't be effective unless it changes the cost-benefit balance of things.

Section Title 2016-01-12 [Tue] 18:07

I'm fine with confrontation but I hate competition. To compete with someone, you have to agree on something. I usually don't agree. I compete with apples with oranges.

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