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とらんぷ : 安倍 = ジャイアン : スネ尾


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ふと思った。 「おばあちゃんのぽたぽた焼」の袋に書いてある 「おばあちゃんの知恵袋」が、 「おばあちゃんのライフハック」に 変更されたらさぞかし怖いだろうと。

An Interesting Convo Circa 1956 2016-11-13 [Sun] 17:06

"What's he doing in there so long? I've got some really important work to do -- but there's just one more bug."

"He's debugging FORTRAN."


"FORTRAN. Stands for Formula Translation. They claim you'll be able to write programs as mathematical formulas and this program will translate them into machine code automatically."

"Come on. You're kidding?"

"That's what they say. As for me, I suppose it can be done, but it can't be as efficient as hand coding. It won't sell."

"Well, it's sure using a lot of machine time. He looks like he's playing the organ there, flipping keys up and down. There ought to be a better way."

"There is."

"Yeah? What's that?"

"I'm working on it right now. We're doing it on the West Coast, but the only machine is here, so we have to come here to debug. It's called a Monitor System."

"Monitor System?"

"Yes, it's sort of an automatic operator. Takes the programmer away from the machine. For example, I've got thirty jobs here which I'm going to run in my fifteen minute shot."

"Thirty? You're pulling my leg!"

"No, I mean it. By eliminating the operator, we achieve a fantastic speedup -- and eliminate set-up and tear-down time, too."

"Well, good luck. But I don't see how I'm going to debug my programs if I can't be at the console. As it is I'm going crazy waiting for these -- what was that name? -- FORTRAN guys. See you later. I'm up now."

-- The Psychology of Computer Programming, Chapter 4

Yusuke Shinyama
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